World's Coolest Concept Car - Mercedes AVTR

The ABTR stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation and Avatar.

World's Coolest Concept Car - Mercedes AVTR
Mercedes AVTR

The Mercedes Vision ABTR: A Clash of Titans

This car is one of the craziest on the planet, with only one in existence. It's the Mercedes Vision ABTR, inspired by the movie Avatar and a collaboration between Mercedes and Avatar's design team. The ABTR stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation and Avatar.

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  • The car is completely lit up and changes when charged, with an indicator for turning.
  • The wheels are spheres that can turn 30 degrees and drive separately, allowing unique driving experiences.
  • The flaps on the back of the car, called bionic flaps, move and turn colors with braking and acceleration, making the car look alive.
  • The interior has subtle lights that increase with speed and vegan leather seats.

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  • The car has no steering wheel, with the driver controlling the car from a central module that can turn and crabwalk the car.
  • The rear seat arches become a headrest and project a personalized interface based on the driver's heartbeat.

Driving Experience

The driving experience is one of a kind, with crab walking, tilting, and accelerating through the central module. The car is completely unique and futuristic.

Price: The Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in India could be estimated at around Rs 1.21 crore to Rs 1.32 crore.