Samsung will soon release an affordable foldable smartphone, and Oppo will release the Find N2.

Foldable smartphone It could be priced at around Rs 61,000

Samsung will soon release an affordable foldable smartphone, and Oppo will release the Find N2.

The market for foldable smartphones is growing by the day. The main reason for this is that multiple smartphone-producing companies are attempting to produce the same. According to the most recent report, Samsung is planning to release a Galaxy A Fold smartphone that will be an affordable device with foldability features.

According to pricing trends, the majority of foldable smartphones on the market are priced between Rs 90,000 and Rs 1,50,000. Without a doubt, Samsung reigns supreme in the foldable smartphone market. Now, rumors suggest that Samsung will compete with the flagships of OnePlus, iQoo, and other brands in the market by releasing affordable foldable phones.

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However, Samsung will not be the only company planning to launch affordable foldable smartphones in the coming months. Google and Apple are also said to be working on low-cost foldable smartphones. Until now, there has been no word on the price of the upcoming Samsung phone. Still, rumors suggest that it will be priced at around Rs 60,000.

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What else is in the works?

In related news, Oppo, which recently launched the Oppo Find N foldable smartphone, is preparing to launch two more foldable devices this year. According to reports, one of the devices will be the successor to the Oppo Find N, while the other will be based on the clam-shell style case.

The successor to Find N is expected to be named Oppo Find N2. In comparison to its predecessor, the smartphone will be lighter in weight. Until now, the smartphone's name has not been officially announced. It may have the codename 'Dragonfly.' There is a good chance that the handset will also have a 120Hz refresh rate.

There is currently only a limited amount of information available. We can expect to learn more about these upcoming foldable smartphones as their release date approaches.