Mahindra XUV900 EV will be available on August 15th. The Company Has Teased a New SUV

The Mahindra XUV900 Coupe teaser has all the hallmarks of a concept car and might follow other electric SUVs from the business.

Mahindra XUV900 EV will be available on August 15th. The Company Has Teased a New SUV
Mahindra XUV900 EV

Mahindra, the Indian automaker, has produced a new teaser, implying the debut of the company's first electric vehicles. In a teaser film, the business suggests that the much-rumored flagship electric sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Mahindra XUV900, will be unveiled on August 15. The introduction might also see the business debut other electric SUVs, and rumours claim that the XUV300 could be the brand's first electric car.

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Mahindra XUV900: Cues from the Teaser

The teaser movie depicts the conceptualization stage of Mahindra's next electric vehicles, which are said to include the Mahindra XUV900. The car appears to have a blocked wheel design with delicately patterned inlets, similar to Mercedes' future Maybach concept. The interior of the electric SUV prototype appears to have a square steering 'wheel' with a minimalistic design approach. The instrument cluster is, as expected, merely a screen that extends all the way to the centre to combine the infotainment configuration.

The teaser also shows the characteristic silhouette of a coupe, which was built at the company's Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE) design centre. The XUV900 Coupe has also been teased previously, and according to prior sources, it looks similar to what German luxury automobile maker BMW has offered thus far with its X6 line of SUVs.

SUV coupes are not an entirely novel concept, as Mercedes also sells SUV coupes with its AMG GLE line. Closer to home, Tata's Nexon small SUV has a similar SUV coupe-styled look — and is already available in India as an electric SUV.

Pratap Bose, who is currently the chief design officer for Mahindra and was previously the head of design for Tata Motors, created both the Nexon and the future Mahindra XUV900.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to observe how Mahindra launches its next electric SUVs – as well as the production plan it offers. With the Mahindra XUV900 still in the concept stage, it seems improbable that it will be officially released for Indian roads in August. As India's electrification initiatives progress, an electrified form of the smaller XUV300 may make a greater argument for itself.

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