Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 55: From January, Elite Pass will be renamed Booyah Pass.

Garena will launch the final Elite Pass season 55 (December) in Free Fire MAX. It is also planning to replace EP with Booyah Pass on January 1, 2023.

Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 55: From January, Elite Pass will be renamed Booyah Pass.
Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 55

The Free Fire MAX Elite Pass is one of the most reliable elements that players can use to obtain a variety of exclusive rewards in the game. However, a few of the rewards in the elite pass have a cost associated with them, and players must purchase the elite pass in order to claim them. What if you could get the entire elite pass for free? You read that correctly! In December 2022, Garena will give away the last Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX for free.

Free Fire MAX was released last year and includes improved graphics, sounds, mechanisms, and more. Each month, the game releases a new elite pass that contains a variety of in-game items such as bundles, skins, and more. As the current Elite Pass Season 54 comes to a close, a new EP will be released on December 1st. The rewards for the upcoming Elite Pass were leaked earlier this month.

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Free Fire MAX Season 55 Elite Pass (December) Will Be the Last Elite Pass

The best part about the upcoming Elite Pass is that Garena is giving away the final Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX for free to all gamers until 2022. Furthermore, they are discontinuing the Elite Pass in the game and will introduce the Booyah Pass in January 2023.

Pre-orders for the December month Elite Pass have already begun, and players who pre-purchase the EP in advance will receive the Silver Frost Pan skin for free. The pre-order period will end on November 30, and the game will be officially released on December 1. The highlights of the upcoming EP will be a couple of bundles (Male and Female).

The new EP's theme is 'Avalanche Abyss,' and it will be available until December 31. Because this is the game's final Elite Pass, the developers are bringing back a few of the old elite bundles to the December month EP, which has received a lot of attention from users.

After December 2022, players will be introduced to the Booyah Pass, which will include improved rewards, on January 1, 2023. After 2022, all EP items will be available only in the Booyah Pass as Ultra rare drops. Gloowall, Legendary gun skins, Tailor Bundles, and other exciting rewards will be included in the Booyah Pass.

According to data miners, the December Elite Pass will be free starting on December 17, 2022. Garena, on the other hand, has only confirmed that they will be giving away the EP for free, without providing a specific date.

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Here are the leaked December EP rewards:

  • Tuk Tuk – Cyan Iceworld: 0 Badge
  • Silver Frost Jacket – 15 Badges
  • Bad Hat Banner – 30 Badges
  • Cyber Frost Jacket and 1x Diamond Royale Voucher – 40 Badges
  • Witch of Glaciers Bundle and 1x Diamond Royale Voucher –  50 Badges
  • MAG-7 Drowning Blizzard – 80 Badges
  • Cold Flow T-Shirt – 100 Badges
  • PLASMA – Drowning Blizzard: 125 Badges
  • Cyan Iceworld Banner and Bad Hat Loot Box – 150 Badges
  • Icy Dash Backpack – 180 badges
  • Winter Climb Backpack and Agile Boxer Emote – 200 Badges
  • Snow Broom Skyboard and Wizard of Blizzards Bundle – 225 Badges