Apple Mac with M2 Max Chip Spotted on Geekbench Expected to be Announced Soon

The Apple M2 Max Chip could have a 12-core CPU.

Apple Mac with M2 Max Chip Spotted on Geekbench Expected to be Announced Soon
Apple Mac

Apple launched the Apple M2-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models in June. Apple's M2 chip is the successor to the M1 chip, which was introduced in 2020. The Apple M2 processor is used in the entry-level MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. The Cupertino tech behemoth has yet to unveil the successors to last year's M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs.

The Geekbench benchmark database now contains an unreleased Apple Mac model. According to the configuration, the upcoming Mac model will be powered by an Apple M2 Max chip. Let us examine the benchmark scores and specifications revealed in the benchmark listing in greater detail.

In the single-core round of the test, the Mac model that appeared in the Geekbench 5 benchmark database scored 1889 points. The score in the multi-core round was 14586 points. According to the Geekbench listing, the device's model number is Mac 14.6, implying that it could be the successor to the MacBook Pro (M1 Max), which was released in October 2021.

According to the Geekbench listing, there is a 12-core processor with a clock speed of 3.54GHz. The processor will also have a 128KB L1 instruction cache, a 64KB L1 data cache, and a 4MB L2 cache, according to the listing. For those who are unaware, the Apple M1 Max chip from last year featured a 10-core CPU.

The Apple Mac model discovered on Geekbench has 96GB of RAM. This implies that Apple may offer upcoming MacBook Pro models with up to 96GB of memory, which is 50% more than current MacBook Pro models. For those who are unaware, the brand offers the current-generation MacBook Pro (powered by M1 Max) with up to 64GB of memory.

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