Apple carplay not working, How to Fix Apple CarPlay Issues

Get CarPlay to operate so you can navigate and listen to music.

Apple carplay not working, How to Fix Apple CarPlay Issues

Apple CarPlay allows you to access your iOS apps while driving hands-free by routing everything through your car's infotainment system. That is, until Apple CarPlay stops operating properly. It's possible that CarPlay will not connect, that CarPlay apps will not open properly, or that you won't be able to hear anything when CarPlay is connected.

If Apple CarPlay isn't working, here's how to reconnect everything.

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Causes for Apple CarPlay Not Working

Apple CarPlay may not work or may cease working for a variety of reasons, even if it has previously worked. These are some examples:

  • Problems with an iOS update.
  • Integration issues between apps.
  • Incompatibility issues.
  • iPhone not detected.

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How to Solve Apple CarPlay Issues

Regardless of the problem (no connection, no sound, apps not working), there are a set of measures you may do to resolve it. Try each of these methods to see whether it resolves your issue and restores CarPlay functionality. If not, skip to the next one. It's likely that by the time you get to the end of the list, you'll have addressed whatever problem you were having.

Check that CarPlay is turned on on your iPhone. Several settings may be interfering with the CarPlay connection. For example, if you turn off CarPlay, you must re-enable it. Connect your vehicle to the app by going to Settings > General > CarPlay. To re-enable it if you previously disabled it in Screen Time, navigate to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps.

2. Check that Siri is turned on. Siri must be activated for CarPlay to function. If it isn't, go to Settings > Siri & Search and enable the following options:

Look for the phrase "Hey Siri."
Allow Siri When Locked The Allow Siri When Locked option is the one that most frequently trips users up because it isn't always enabled.

3. Make sure CarPlay is turned on when the vehicle is locked. If CarPlay isn't enabled when your phone is locked, it won't work if your phone's screen is switched off. To fix this, navigate to Settings > General > CarPlay and choose your vehicle from the list of potential connections. Then, turn Allow CarPlay While Locked on and off.

4. Check your USB cables if you aren't linked wirelessly. Check the original iPhone USB cable to confirm that none of the wires are frayed or broken. If you're using an aftermarket cable, swap it out. Sometimes simply changing the cable can solve any issue you are having.

5. Check that you're plugged into the correct port if you're not connecting wirelessly. Many modern automobiles have several USB ports, but not all of them will work to connect CarPlay to your vehicle. Look for the iOS or CarPlay symbol. If you don't see one of these, check each available USB port on your infotainment system to see if one of them is dedicated to your CarPlay connection.

6. If your vehicle supports a wireless CarPlay connection, make sure your iPhone is not in Airplane Mode. Because Airplane Mode stops your phone from initiating wireless connections, it may be blocking you from connecting with your vehicle.

7. If you're connecting wirelessly, ensure sure Bluetooth is turned on and the iPhone is linked to the car. You will be unable to connect the gadget if your Bluetooth is turned off.

8. Restart your iPhone, followed by your vehicle. Turning everything off and back on might sometimes clear whatever error you're seeing, and things will connect just fine the second time.

9. Check that your iPhone is up to date. If your phone is out of date, you may not have the essential drivers or software to complete the CarPlay connection. Updating may help you resolve any troubles you are experiencing.

10. Forget and reconnect to your CarPlay connection. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay and pick the vehicle you're attempting to connect to. Then select Forget This Car. Then, restart both your vehicle and your iPhone and try to reconnect.

  • If your vehicle is wirelessly capable, go to Settings > General > CarPlay and select Available Cars. Then choose your vehicle to connect it.
  • Connect the USB cord and follow any on-screen prompts that arise if you're using a wired connection.

11. If you're still having trouble connecting, or if you're having problems with how CarPlay works, you'll need to contact Apple Support to see if they can assist you.


Why is Google Maps incompatible with Apple CarPlay?

Your iPhone must be running iOS 12 or later to use Google Maps with Apple Car Play. To troubleshoot Google Maps on iPhone, first ensure that location services are enabled, then check the date and time settings and restart the program.

How do I turn off Apple Music autoplay in CarPlay?

To turn off autoplay in Apple Music, open the current song and deselect the Autoplay icon (the infinity sign). Disabling Bluetooth also disables autoplay.

Which vehicles are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

Apple maintains a list of vehicles that enable CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is supported by over 600 models from numerous automobile manufacturers worldwide.