A Ukrainian soldier's life was saved by his phone rather than a Kevlar vest.

An undisclosed smartphone that could resist the impact of a 7.62mm bullet saved the Ukrainian soldier's life.

A Ukrainian soldier's life was saved by his phone rather than a Kevlar vest.

Earlier this week, a Ukrainian soldier's life was spared during the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine - not by protective Kevlar jackets, but by a smartphone. The fortunate incident has now garnered humanitarian replies from all over the world, with many praising the smartphone's toughness in stopping the bullet in its tracks. The smartphone reportedly deflected a 7.62mm bullet fired by Russian troops toward Ukrainian fighters, absorbing the entire impact within its millimeter-thin chassis.

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The life of a Ukrainian soldier is not the first to be saved by a phone call.

The Ukrainian soldier's life is not the first to have been saved by a smartphone. According to prior accounts, cell phones have frequently been observed to stop gunshots in their tracks and prevent them from striking their intended targets. One such instance occurred in Afghanistan in 2016, when a Nokia 301 feature phone took the impact of a gunshot to save a person's life.

The story was later relayed by Peter Skillman, a former Microsoft design outlook director who worked on one of the aspects of the Nokia 301 feature phone.

In other cases, smartphones have been alleged to have saved lives by interjecting bullet velocity. In 2014, a bullet was deflected by a Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone, saving the life of a police officer in Brazil. Years later, an attempted robbery in St. Albans, United Kingdom, was thwarted after an Apple iPhone 7 Plus absorbed the impact of a discharged gunshot.

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As hilarious afterthoughts, each of these recorded events demonstrates how smartphones frequently have the flexibility required to stop a bullet, yet fail to preserve their bodies even when dropped from a few feet. Over time, smartphone designs have worked to enhance the strength of the glass materials used in their constructions, but this has still left room for fragility when it comes to the absolute strength of a phone in any setting.

Meanwhile, the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to wreak havoc and exact a high toll on human life in Ukraine. As of yet, no clear resolution between the two nations and their political objectives is insight.

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